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Monetization infrastructure for the new internet

Dappier helps you generate new revenue, enables permissioned access to your data for AI developers, and allows you to deploy custom AI-powered experiences.

connect your data easily with dappier for LLM

Connect your data

Connect your content and proprietary data from basically anywhere. Your data stays exclusively your own.

chat with your data with AI

Finetune AI

Use our self-serve platform to easily transform it into something an AI can talk to.

publish your ai chatbot on your website

Publish your AI agents

Launch new embedded customer facing widgets and also let AI builders know if you want them to be able to use your model.

make money with ai chatbot your website


Generate new revenue by monetizing your new AI with ads, subscriptions, or permissioned content syndication.

How it works

Connect training data sources

Connect your data sources from RSS feeds, Airtable, proprietary databases, documents, knowledgebase.

1-click LLM training

A single click triggers Dappier to map your data dictionary and train your Data Language Model.

Deploy & Monetize as you wish

Monetize your data by syndicating to our RAG marketplace. Publish embeddable AI first experiences like chatbots and widgets and drive revenue with ads or subscriptions.

launch a chatbot and monetize it on your own website easily

Dappier's RAG Marketplace - Monetize your data with AI APIs

Make it easy for millions of AI and LLM Partners to pay you for your data

Your secure, pre-trained model is now LLM-ready, enabling millions of AI developers and creators globally to easily integrate your content and data into their applications.

Set your price per query on your data models and get paid through ecosystems like LLM apps, OpenAI’s “GPTs” store and Zapier chatbots.

Building in AI?

Dappier is the only turnkey AI creation and monetization platform purpose-built for companies looking to secure their data and unlock new revenue in an AI first world!

secure data ingestion into dappier's ai

Secured data ingestion

Sync once, refresh continuously

embed ai chatbot on your website

Extensible deployment

Copy/paste embeddable AI widgets

make money on your pre-trained, LLM data

Data marketplaces

License your pre-trained model

Easily publish your AI chat anywhere your customers are!

Dappier widgets powered by your pre-trained model can be published via embeddable turnkey public endpoints, APIs and create completely new, monetized, customer facing experiences.

publish your LLM data into zapier

Zapier App

publish your LLM data into chat GPT store

GPT Store

publish your ai chatbot on your website


publish your ai chatbot on whatsapp


publish your ai chatbot on telegram


Our Happy Customers

Don’t take our word for it. Ask our partners.

Dappier is EdgeIn's foundational AI partner to help build the next generation of applied AI for builders in Web3, AI, and all future alpha markets.
redg from edgein.io
Redg Snodgrass
As the leading Executive search & job board marketplace in the consumer ecosystem, ForceBrands has a history of innovation. I wanted to be first-to-market to bring conversational AI to our job board, with Dappier. We are excited about the partnership and look forward to going live in no time.
josh wand from forcebrands.com
Josh Wand
Dappier made it possible for us to build an entirely new user experience and soon we'll be testing out how we can generate an entirely new revenue stream using the DLM Marketplace.
seth from charm.io
Seth Broman
BuddyGPT is dedicated to providing world class AI to users across all messaging platforms! With Dappier, we're able to continuously roll out new backend features and datasets and concentrate on growth.
Vitor Pegas

Trusted by Market Leaders Globally​

Questions & Answers

1. How do I get started with Dappier?

Once you create an account, you can go through a step-by-step process to create your first Dappier AI. It takes only a few minutes to get up and running.

2. Will the data I use to train my own agent be used to train other agents?

Your training data is never shared and will never be used to train other external LLMs / chatbots. Data security is our top priority.

3. Who sets the price for my RAG marketplace paywall and do you get a cut?

You will always have control over setting the price, while Dappier will receive a percentage (%) according to your subscription tier

4. How does Dappier handle my privacy?

Dappier takes data and customer privacy seriously which is why we built our platform on a multi-tenant architecture to ensure data is siloed and protected.

5. I have an issue with my agent

We know AI agents are new concepts so we are always here to help. Feel free to reach out to our customer support anytime.

6. Can I cancel at anytime?

Absolutely! Once you cancel your account, you will also have the choice to purge all your training data and DLMs and at that point your Dappier AIs will be deleted.

Build powerful AI models & monetize with ease on the Dappier platform

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