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Dappier Launches to Create Branded AI Chat for Media Brands & Marketplaces, Introducing New Data Monetization Opportunities

Dappier trains branded AI chatbots that scale across business endpoints, driving new opportunities to monetize user conversations and offering a marketplace for GPT-ready models.

AUSTIN, TX., Dec. 20, 2023 — Dappier, an AI platform helping media organizations go-to-market with natural language chat & real-time search, is launching out of stealth to deliver branded AI chat experiences for media brands & marketplaces, beginning with leading web3 data intelligence platform EdgeIn. Dappier enables media brands, data orgs., and their end users with next-gen natural language chat that can generate new insights, close data gaps, and enable new revenue opportunities.

The launch of Dappier comes shortly after industry leader OpenAI introduced landmark content deals with news publishers like Axel Springer and the Associated Press, indicating the need for data licensing models for AI chat. With the oncoming widespread adoption of LLM-driven natural language, Dappier is building new monetization opportunities for brands who monetize data access: marketplaces, directories, and media publishers.

Dappier branded AI chat across business endpoints: the startup also makes it easy for marketplaces, media brands and database directories to integrate themselves into other AI chat tools, introducing an industry-first licensing fee model through its upcoming GPT Developer Market. 

Dappier is launching out of stealth with a focus on data marketplaces, including web3 data intelligence tool EdgeIn. With EdgeIn, Dappier AI chat will help drive more precise data insights based on their inquiries, saving users more time as they seek real-time market knowledge. The new AI tool will debut and be accessible to attendees at EdgeIn’s Democratize24, this March 20-21 in San Francisco.

“EdgeIn’s goal is to provide the most accurate market research, in as simple and fast a way as possible,” said Redg Snodgrass, CEO & Co-Founder of EdgeIn. “Letting users actually ‘talk to their data’ with Dappier’s AI tech takes that to the next level, so that our users can get exactly what they need, just by asking.”

Dappier also enables AI experiences to scale to popular messaging apps like WhatsApp & Telegram alongside SMS. Dappier-powered branded chatbots can even search online resources alongside trained databases, leading to powerful data insights.

“As AI tools proliferate, users will increasingly expect to be able to do just about anything from their chat experiences – without needing to launch a new browser or separate app,” said Dan Goikhman, CEO of Dappier “Dappier is offering monetization opportunities for an AI-first world, letting media brands monetize data access in new ways while improving end user experiences with natural language conversations.”

Dappier is a new startup from B20Labs, a venture fund that has previously led businesses from start-up to exit, particularly pioneering in mobile adtech and Internet TV streaming technologies. 

To learn how Dappier can deploy conversational UI across your business, please reach out.

About Dappier

Dappier is a secure, multi-tenant AI platform that helps data businesses go-to-market with branded AI experiences, featuring natural language chat & real-time search. We help our clients, which include data marketplaces and sales intelligence tools, deliver sticky, AI-powered, conversational experiences to generate new insights, close data gaps, and enable new revenue opportunities. Easily launch a custom AI chatbot on your website or marketplace using Dappier and start monetizing conversations today! Earn additional revenue by publishing your chatbot on our Data Language Model (DLM) Marketplace.

To learn more about deploying conversational UI across your businesses, visit dappier.com.

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