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How News Publishers Should Think About Generative AI

Publishers have struggled with social media orgs to capture shrinking revenues, but the next generation of online interaction might change the game for media brands.

When news publishers think about integrating GEN AI into their workflow, the most obvious area of interest tends to be copywriting, and there’s no doubt that LLM-driven bots will be used by news organizations to produce & create useful content while cutting costs.

But this is only one small part of a larger AI strategy. The way we interact online is changing. With LLMs driving increasingly ‘smart’ natural conversation capabilities, users are quickly learning that they prefer asking questions & finding solutions directly to the chatbot they’re interfacing with, without needing to open up a new tab for a Google search. 

Many if not all news organizations today are dependent on SEO to drive revenues for their business. For news sites that have seen profits shrink as users abandon Google search in favor of AI models that have been trained on their own articles, the rise of generative AI has been a major concern. Industry players have begun to respond and demand their ‘fair share’ with major publishers like Axel Springer reaching landmark deals with OpenAI, while other media orgs. like The New York Times take a more litigious approach. 

While news providers may share these concerns about the short-term future of news online, they might be missing the larger picture. The rise of LLM-driven chat & search means publishers are actually faced with a totally new revenue opportunity: by increasing user engagement by integrating branded AI chat trained on their proprietary data, and by licensing that data as a trained model to other AI developers.

For real first movers in the news industry, we’ll see leading brands actually expand their brand identity. Rather than simply serving as a hub for content in the hopes of attracting readers, news providers will increasingly serve as the purveyors of verified information: meeting users wherever they want to seek out that proprietary knowledge. The need for industry solutions when it comes to how we’re training the next generation of AIs is already here, and OpenAI’s upcoming launch of ‘GPT Store’ only solidifies the need for news publishers to get ahead of the curve. 

It’s impossible to predict where users will want to receive your brands’ information, as AI developers increasingly build new sets of tools for end users, but it is possible for your information to meet users there. Next-gen builders like Dappier are making it possible for news publishers to actually license their data, so that they can access new revenues, expand their potential audience, and fairly monetize the content they provide to AI developers. 

To learn more about creating & monetizing your branded AI chat, contact us at hello@dappier.com.

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