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How to Prepare Your Proprietary Data for Monetization on GPT Store

Media orgs and data brokers might have a distinct advantage on OpenAI’s new ‘app store’ for GPTs

Businesses of all kinds are exploring the potential for AI, as leading researcher OpenAI launches its GPT Store: a first-of-its-kind store for LLM-driven AI models. 

When the iPhone app store launched in 2007, there were about 500 apps available in-store. Today, there are nearly 2 million apps that generate over $1 trillion in revenues yearly, with Apple estimating that nearly 4.8 million developers and associated workers rely on the app store as a primary means of funding. Now that anyone can create & train a GPT, and monetize that GPT’s functionality, we’ve reached AI’s “app store moment”, and that means now – if not yesterday! – is the time to get moving. 

But most businesses are still in ‘phase 1’ when it comes to integrating AI: generating copy & images, making internal processes more efficient, and using AI for more general purposes. So how can businesses, especially those without a strong internal tech presence like newsrooms, marketers, etc., take advantage of GPT Store today to expand their potential audience base and revenues? By using tools like Dappier, any organization with proprietary data can easily create a GPT-ready data model that can be used across their own platforms and social presence. 

Deploying AI chat across your platform can be a powerful driver of engagement helping users access exactly what they’re looking for when they need it, so that you can improve their end experience and better understand their needs. But why let your brand reach stop where your platform ends? Let any AI developer securely access your trained & branded dataset, so you can be wherever your users are. Next-gen tools like Dappier let you go beyond just creating & training your branded GPT model; we actually help connect you with GPT builders looking to license your data, so you can get paid whenever any end user needs the information you provide. 

How does it work? Simple – just connect a data source, like an RSS feed, proprietary database or documentation of your brands’ content. Dappier trains that data, ensuring that your AI reflects your brands’ knowledge base and identity. Then deploy that AI across any endpoints, and open up your AI model to other AI devs, who will pay to access your proprietary data based on the payment terms you set. 

Are you a content owner looking to monetize your brands’ data insights across the GPT ecosystem? Reach out to hello@dappier.com today!

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