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How AI Can Unlock New Revenue for Your RSS Feeds

For RSS feed owners, the rise of LLM-driven AI presents unique growth opportunities

If you own and operate an RSS feed, your goal is to provide your unique valuable insights to the widest possible audience of interested & relevant high-value readers. Whether delivering podcasts, news, blogs, email newsletters, or video content, the rise of LLM-driven AI presents RSS feed owners with new ways to utilize the content they provide to grow their revenue and potential audience. 

AI has already begun to forever change content creation, with generative AI being used to put more power than ever into the hands of individual & small creators. But the rise of ‘conversational UI’  powered by LLMs is guaranteed to change the way we function online – how we look for the information we need, how we generate insights, and what we expect our online platforms to be capable of – and this may be where the real long-term opportunities lie. 

What does this mean for the next generation of Internet use? AI chat provides users with a real alternative to today’s web search, with a deeper understanding of what a user is really asking for. This presents an existential crisis for all data owners: you need your content to be wherever your users look for it. 

Industry leaders in AI like OpenAI are indicating that this is where content is heading, pinning deals with major publishers like Axel Springer, while litigating with other publishers like NYTImes. The implication is clear: for media providers of all kinds, your data is crucial to AI’s development and worth being paid for. 

If you’re an RSS feed publisher of any kind, now is the time to prepare yourself for the AI training & licensing opportunities made possible by the widespread adoption of AI tools. With GPT store launching this week, now is the time to get a first-mover’s advantage and make your data available to AI developers. 

Just connect your RSS feed or any other compatible data sources. Dappier trains your data automatically based on your brand’s needs, identity and proprietary data, so that you and your end users can “talk” to your brand, pulling unique insights by analyzing the entirety of your contents. Then, monetize by publishing: just list your trained chat, and set your price points. Dappier’s industry-first Data Language Model Marketplace allows AI developers to find you, so that they can securely integrate your brand’s data insights and make that data available to their customers. 

Of course, the potential for conversational UI to drive new revenues isn’t limited to licensing your data to partnered brands. Deploy a branded chat across your own platforms so that users can quickly find what they’re looking for, and expand that chat to relevant social platforms like WhatsApp & Telegram, so that online communities can easily find and embrace your brand. 

If you own an RSS feed, reach out to hello@dappier.com today. 

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