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How to Train Your AI Application on Proprietary Data & Build Your GPT Using Dappier Marketplace

Give your LLM app an advantage by training it with unique, proprietary data from trusted brands

OpenAI’s newly launched GPT store presents an amazing opportunity for businesses, solopreneurs, AI devs, and anyone looking to provide end users with tools that operate with an impressive understanding of natural language. But with millions of GPTs making their way to OpenAI’s store, how can you ensure your GPT has a unique advantage?

Of course, training plays a major part. GPT developers aren’t starting from scratch after all: they’re taking advantage of OpenAI’s massive – and controversial – data set. Whenever a new GPT is spun up, that bot originates from that same shared data set, making it crucial that developers train their GPT with a unique actionable goal in mind, so that the LLM can “learn” how it’s intended to be used.

But what about expanding beyond OpenAI’s data set, so that your AI bot can be differentiated? 

Pre-trained LLMs like GPT-3 are impressive, but they’re trained on generic data. This makes them great for general tasks, but less so for specialized domains. That’s where your proprietary data comes in. By training an LLM on your specific content, you unlock a whole new level of understanding and performance. 

Building a bot that helps users with their finances? Access to stock market performance and the latest business news might help boost the value of that GPT. Creating a chat that helps users manage their fitness? A dataset of nutritional info and calorie data might be crucial to integrate. 

But where can GPT developers access exclusive content to train their models on? How can they know that they’re drawing from reliable data, and that their GPT is properly ingesting that data? The solution: turning to vendors like Dappier, for our industry-first data language model marketplace. 

If you’re a GPT builder, use Dappier to access datasets from trusted brands you know and love. Dappier gathers, curates, and cleans data from leading media brands, training GPT-ready models that can be integrated right into your bot. By working directly with brands to deploy their own AI bots, Dappier is uniquely prepared to clean data and tune parameters so that your bot can access any of our datasets. By ingesting data via RSS, Dappier is also capable of ensuring continuous learning for your GPT, so the journey doesn’t end with deployment. 

Once you’ve integrated valuable data, deploy your GPT! Beyond listing on GPT store or integrating your bot within your own platforms, take advantage of Dappier to expand the reach of your bot: deploy across popular social messaging platforms like WhatsApp & Telegram to access a greater potential audience. 

It’s impossible to know what kind of next-generation AI tools are going to “blow up” next. To build for success, build to problem solve: be specific in creating and training your AI, so that your AI is useful to a targeted audience. To ensure you meet your audience’s needs, grant them access to the data they need to succeed.

To learn more about enhancing your LLM bot with proprietary data access, visit dappier.com

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