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Expedia & AllTrails Integrate GPT-Powered Chat for New Monetization Opportunities: Why Your Media Business Needs To Embrace AI

The new opportunities for your business’s branded AI chat don’t end with your platform. 

Businesses of all sizes need to prepare for the widespread adoption of AI. Major tech leaders like Google, Meta, and Microsoft have paved the way, integrating GPT & LLM technology across their products & services. Now leading consumer brands like Expedia & Alltrails are following suit, improving their user experiences with conversational UI. 

Leading travel platform Expedia – whose CEO has criticized an “increasingly aggressive” Google & SEO dominated Internet – is looking to integrate branded ChatGPT tech across its platform to improve users’ search experience with natural language understanding. AllTrails, the leading fitness and travel app for outdoors enthusiasts, is likewise embracing GPT tech. The brand is crucially one of the leading brands on OpenAI’s new GPTStore, letting AI Developers & users quickly access and “talk” to their hiking, camping, biking, and sports data. 

While travel platforms like Expedia and Alltrails leading the charge to improve user experience, there are larger monetary opportunities when it comes to AI & data that media publishers like Axel Springer are already exploring: licensing their data to AI developers like OpenAI. 

Media & data analyst Mathew Goldstein recently challenged media publishers to imagine how AI will disrupt today’s world of SEO-driven media: “Imagine Google, the malevolent (yes, I used that word) monopoly, ceases to send you traffic. How do you use generative AI to adjust your homepage?”

So, how can businesses license their data to AI developers, so that they can reach more end users? How can they integrate AI across their business, to prepare for an Internet that might not be driven by Google search results? That’s where Dappier comes in. We empower media brands of all kinds – from publishers and analytics orgs. to newsletter and blog owners – to train their valuable proprietary data into a trained GPT-ready dataset, so that anyone can access and license your data, at your price point.

Dappier provides a secure, transparent way to share your proprietary data, while ensuring you retain control. We train your GPT on your own data, so your chatbot reflects your brand’s unique voice and expertise without compromising data security. Licensing your GPT-ready dataset to developers creates new revenue streams and scales your brand identity to totally new platforms. With Dappier, your brand can exist wherever your users are, without sacrificing data sovereignty. 

Dappier prepares your business for AI by:

  1. Transforming your data into datasets: Dappier prepares your content for GPT training, ensuring optimal model performance. Own an RSS feed? It’s as easy as copy and paste. 
  2. Deploying branded chat across your platforms: Engage your audience directly with a personalized AI assistant trained on your content, across your site and socials. 
  3. License to generate revenue, across all platforms: Set your price point on Dappier Marketplace to sell your unique dataset to developers building innovative AI applications.

To activate GPT chat across your platforms & monetize your data, sign-up for early access at dappier.com

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