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Dappier @ AI Camp Session, Our Upcoming ProductHunt Launch & Integrating Real-time Data Into Your Custom GPT

Dappier is getting ready to launch in alpha, enabling GPT & LLM app builders with an industry-first real time Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) API

Dappier is gearing up for its alpha launch! We’re enabling real-time data updates from brands you trust, with the upcoming launch of our industry-first real-time RAG API. Keep a look out for Dappier to premiere on ProductHunt as we build towards our first public launch.Ahead of the upcoming launch, the Dappier team took to AI Camp in Austin to talk to a community of 100+ local AI developers & custom GPT builders as part of their “AI, ML & Data” meetup.

Dappier team’s session at AI Camp covers easy ways to access and use reliable data, improving how AI apps provide information. The talk, “Realtime RAG – Data Model APIs” – hosted alongside sessions from Oracle and other enterprises helping businesses integrate AI – explored how RAG – the ability to integrate real-time data into your GPT, to take it beyond the scope of its training data – can make LLM tech viable for your business application. 

While current custom GPTs rely exclusively on LLM training data, which by their nature rely on often out-of-date information, Dappier’s real-time RAG API lets your custom GPT create insights based on real, refreshing data. Whether you want your bot to search the web or pull financial information from the latest news article, Dappier helps you level-up your GPT functionality. 

When you are integrating real-time data into your custom GPT, why not get the best results? Today’s GPTs primarily rely on Bing search for whatever available search capabilities they offer. Dappier doesn’t just connect you with data sets from established and trusted brands. Using Dappier’s flagship real-time search data model, you can enable Google search as a GPT action, empowering your end users to search the web with Google, right from their chatbot.  

Reduce hallucinations and make your LLM smarter, by giving your LLM the information it needs. The next generation of LLM applications are coming, so make sure your application is positioned to take advantage of the tremendous monetary potential. Build the future of your business with Dappier. 

Interested in enhancing your custom GPT with access to real-time data from trusted brands? Make Data Happier, with Dappier today. Sign-up for early access at dappier.com.

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