Dappier Secures $2 Million in Funding from Silverton Partners to Help Publishers Monetize Their Content for AI & Combat Data Scraping

Dappier helps media brands ensure content discoverability & monetize across AI endpoints through data model licensing via its self-serve platform.

Austin, TX – June 26 – Dappier, a provider of AI-powered content discovery and monetization solutions, is proud to announce a $2 million seed funding round led by Silverton Partners, a prominent venture capital firm based in Austin, Texas. The funding will be used to accelerate the development of Dappier Marketplace, a first-of-its-kind self-service platform that empowers publishers to combat AI scraping by monetizing permissioned data access across any AI endpoint.

Despite fueling AI innovation with valuable training data, digital publishers have had their content undervalued: sites may have already lost up to 40% of their traffic to AI scraping as users increasingly turn to AI calls as their first point of contact online. Brands have been forced to act, either by pursuing resource-intensive lawsuits over AI data use or by making direct deals with leaders in the space like OpenAI or Google that risk undervaluing and underutilizing proprietary data.

The need for useful & accurate AI responses is changing that dynamic, making AI queries the new frontier for ad impressions and content distribution. Dappier makes it easy for publishers to take control of their data and build their own AI experiences. By licensing content at a per-query level, Dappier enables seamless monetization through micropayments or ads so that publishers can ensure content discovery and monetization whenever and wherever relevant users surface their content. Publishers on Dappier Marketplace set the price for access to their data models, capturing a fair share of the value their content generates.

By transforming your proprietary data into an “LLM-ready” data model with a Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) API that can be ingested or licensed into any AI endpoint, Dappier enables:

  • ●  Permissioned Data Model Licensing: Set your own price for access to your proprietary data model, ensuring content discovery and monetization when your content is called for AI usage & development.
  • ●  Embed AI agents where your users are: Use your data models to integrate branded AI agents across your platform. Improve search results and integrate natural language experiences fine-tuned to your brand to enhance end user offerings.
  • ●  Increase engagement with smart content recommendations: Improve content recommendations with a deep understanding of AI usage on-platform and across the Internet, connecting users with the content they’re looking for.“Digital publishers have long struggled to capture the true value of their content online,” says Dan Goikhman, CEO of Dappier. “But AI experiences are only as good as the data they can access, meaning an AI-first Internet is poised to change that dichotomy. Dappier Marketplace allows publishers to easily make their data accessible to AI agents, and then license directly – ensuring fair compensation for the content that fuels improved AI experiences.”

Today Dappier supports 1-click RSS & Airtable data model creation, with more ways to sync content coming soon. Developers building with Dappier can today add real-time financial market data from Polygon.io to their AI experiences, and the platform will also soon roll out data models from leading lifestyle, news & interest publications reaching 35 million monthly readers in partnership with brands like The Publisher Desk, and Exame, Brazil’s leading business magazine since 1967.

“We’re excited to partner with the Dappier team in their mission to help publishers and media brands ready their content for AI usage and access,” said Rob Taylor, Operating Partner at Silverton Partners “This is an industry that’s only expected to grow as major players increasingly begin to license their data for AI. Dappier is uniquely poised to help publishers of all sizes develop their AI strategy and revenue stream.”

The Dappier founding team is made up of entrepreneurs experienced in building & scaling firms in adtech and content monetization. Past ventures include mobile adtech pioneer Mojiva, now acquired by Pubmatic, and smart TV platform Powr.tv now operating as ViewNexa following acquisition by BitCentral.

In line with their funding announcement, Dappier launches on ProductHunt this week. Interested in building an AI agent fine-tuned to your proprietary data to monetize or embed in

your platform? Get started now with Dappier.

About Dappier

Dappier delivers monetization infrastructure for the AI internet. Transform your content into an AI-ready data model and license via Dappier Marketplace to combat scraping and take control of your proprietary data. 1-click LLM training makes it easy to create your own data model & AI agent, fine-tuned to your brand’s identity and content. License that data model to other developers to ensure your content remains relevant wherever your users might be. Improve your AI experiences with verified data from Dappier.

To get started, visit www.dappier.com.

About Silverton Partners

Silverton Partners invests in entrepreneurs who are dedicated to tackling growth markets and building lasting companies. In partnering with Silverton, companies benefit from its vast network and expertise from decades of growing and investing in successful businesses. Silverton Partners is based in Austin, TX, and was the initial institutional investor for AlertMedia, Apprentice, Billie, Convio, SailPoint, Silicon Labs, Storable, Self Financial, SpyCloud, TrendKite, TurnKey Vacation Rentals, Wheel, WP Engine and The Zebra among others. Silverton Partners is Texas’s most active early-stage investment group with seven funds. For more information, visit https://www.silvertonpartners.com/


Dan Goikhman CEO, Dappier dan@dappier.com

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