Dappier Gains Momentum: Marketplace Launch, ProductHunt & News Round-up

Dappier is now officially in motion! Late last month we rolled out “Dappier 2.0”, bringing Dappier Marketplace to the public, and announcing our initial seed funding round led by leading Austin-based early-stage VC firm Silverton Partners. 

To launch, Dappier Marketplace rolled out on ProductHunt, making the top 5 product launches and receiving a subsequent feature in the ProductHunt newsletter

Check out the latest news coverage & interviews from Dappier.

TechCrunch: Championing a Fairer Way to Monetize Data

TechCrunch spoke with Dappier team about their vision for data permissioning: how making licensing easy for digital publishers can present a more fair, ethical alternative to the increasingly controversial methods of data scraping that currently dominate AI development. 

The article drew a compelling comparison between Dappier’s vision for data permissioning and the evolution of the digital music industry from piracy to simple digital payments:

TechCrunch reporter Ron Miller wrote: “When Napster emerged in the late 1990s, it made it easy for people to grab music files without compensating the content owners. The iPod and the iTunes music store changed that by allowing artists or publishers to get paid for reusing their content in a digital context. Fast-forward to today, and there are companies scraping content to train large language models without permission.”

Austin Business Journal: Monetizing Content for the AI Internet

Dappier team also sat down with Austin Business Journal for their column “AustinInno”, which discusses new startups, funding announcements, and projects in the greater Austin area. Both Dappier and seed investor Silverton Partners are headquartered in Austin. 

Reporter Brent Wistrom included an anecdote from his editor who has noticed in recent months that Meta AI, embedded throughout Facebook, has begun scraping content from behind paywalled site pages. This trend has become widespread across nearly all major social & search sites, threatening publishers like ABJ’s ability to monetize proprietary business news. 

This is increasingly a problem not just for news publishers, but all content creators who rely on the open web. 

ProductHunt Daily Newsletter: Dappier ‘2.0’ & Dappier Marketplace launch

We’re proud to share that our launch of “Dappier 2.0” made the top 5 daily product launches and received a subsequent feature in the ProductHunt newsletter! Thanks to the ProductHunt community and independent developers for their support and interest in Dappier! We encourage every user to leave their feedback, especially when it comes to what kind of data you’d like to have access to for your own AI applications.

Dappier makes the Top 5 on ProductHunt!

TVNewsCheck: For Media Publishers, Blocking Bots Isn’t Enough

Dappier team was also interviewed recently by TVNewsCheck, as part of their debut of a new AI & TV column from executive Jon Accarrino, founder of the media technology and AI strategy firm Ordo Digital. The article highlighted why Dappier’s marketplace approach might present a solution both for media publishers and AI developers, writing “Dappier’s solution would allow both large and small AI companies to pull from an endless supply of content for training purposes from a large variety of sources.”

SiliconAngle: AI Needs Valuable Content to Be Valuable

We were also excited to see the news covered by SiliconAngle. SiliconAngle author Maria Deutscher likewise pointed out that AI providers themselves have increasingly focused business operations around solving data licensing, noting “content licensing has emerged as a major priority for AI providers.” 

The article also looks at why publishers looking for managed solutions for their data when it comes to AI usage might turn to Dappier, highlighting that Dappier’s “no-code interface… simplifies the more technical tasks involved in making data available for AI projects”

We’re excited to continue making waves as we build a secure and transparent ecosystem for data access that benefits both content owners and AI developers. Stay tuned for future product launches and updates by following Dappier on Product Hunt, Medium, & X!Create your own fine-tuned AI & license your data with dappier.com today.

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